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Welcome to this book supplement website!

Thank you so much for purchasing The Therapy Bible On Yoga book! Here you will find clips from Dr. Kim’s RX DVDs (available in full form on her website ByrdRiderRehab.com). The clips chosen from the full length DVDs explain in detail how to cue and perform each exercise. What is this information? This yoga exercise clip content is not meant to be performed as a practice. Indeed, only one side of each exercise is shown. It is meant to be an enriching experiential addition to the book’s printable patient and student exercise handouts. How to use? You can search the title of these video clips for the exercise you want to learn more about or to see in action. The video scenes match the pictures found in the book. Please examine, enjoy and learn from this free bonus content. Thank you again, for your support of this important healthcare project.

-Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider, PT

Book Sample Pages